Monday, July 1, 2013


today i officially began focus t25 with the alpha cardio workout.  i'll admit i had to modify a few times because i wasn't ready for the intensity.  i think if i had been running regularly it would have been easier, but i've been focusing more on strength lately thus the high impact cardio was a little rough for me in parts.  but i did burn a decent amount of calories in 25 minutes.

before i did the workout, i took my measurements and some before pictures. i'm not ready to share those yet, but hopefully i will feel comfortable posting them in a few weeks when i show my progress from the alpha phase.

now, for me, the exercise is the easy part.  i really enjoy working out and have no trouble motivating myself to do so.  the hard part is the eating.  i love to eat.  and i don't really understand why i have to suffer to lose weight and look great.  but, as this past year has shown me, what you eat really does affect your results.  i've been drinking too much wine.  enjoying too many sweets.  not watching portion sizes.  and as someone approaching 40, i'm learning i cannot do this anymore.  so i've set my goal on myfitnesspal to lose one pound a week.  and boy oh boy is that a teeny bit of calories.  but i know i can do this.   it's going to take some adjustments, but i hope to see some major changes over the next 10 weeks!

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