Saturday, June 29, 2013

here i go...!

last night i the new focus T25 workout from beachbody came in the mail. i am so pumped!  and this time i am giving 110% to the program.  i'm even going to follow the diet program as best i can.  this past year has been a bad year for me and i developed some terrible eating habits.  i think i've broken most of those habits, but being closer to 40 than 30 means the weight just isn't falling off, even with my commitment to working out every day.

although i could care less if i have a perfect set of abs and i'm not trying to be as tiny as i was in high school, i'd sure like to look like someone who wakes up super early every morning to workout, since that is who i am.  i'd like to feel a little more confident in myself and not so self conscious.


i didn't intend for this to be a fitness blog.  i'm no fitness expert, just someone who likes working out.  but i've decided i am going to use this blog to chronicle my experiences with T25.  hopefully it will help keep me accountable.  and hopefully 10 weeks from now i'll see major results!

*disclaimer: i am not a beachbody coach and i do not receive anything for talking about focus T25.  i just enjoy the beachbody fitness programs as they include a lot of variety within their great workout programs!

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