Saturday, June 22, 2013

change of scenery

i need variety to stay sane. the funny thing is i always let myself get stuck in ruts and often avoid seeking out new experiences. thankfully, the other day, an event i had to take big sis to allowed me to enjoy a change of scenery for the evening.

we were in a city about a half hour away. one we've never been to before. because of the timing of the event, it did't make sense to drive home after dropping big sis off. so i took advantage of our situation and went exploring with lil' sis. we went to an ice cream stand like i remember from when i was a child. family owned. homemade ice cream. lots of fun, unique treats that you don’t see at chains like dairy queen or cold stone. and the best part, they had picnic tables and a playground in a field behind the stand. we sat at a table in the sun and enjoyed our ice cream before lil’ sis spent some time climbing around.

when we tired of that we visited the city’s park. while similar to the parks near us, this park also had a large lake. we watched families fishing, ducks and geese guarding their babies, and women getting in their daily walk. she tried out all of the slides on the playground (there were 6) and decided the giant “tube slide” was the best. she must have went down that one 20 times.

finally, we stopped in at the local library. what a beautiful library. it looked much more like a barnes and noble than a library. lil' sis quickly found the children’s section and set off to play while I enjoyed a giant comfy chair.

while we were actually out and about for less than 2 hours, we had such a great time. made me wonder why we don’t do this more often. there are so many wonderful cities in our areas, all with their own hidden gems. it was refreshing to go somewhere new and unfamiliar. honestly, it was almost like being on vacation, even though we were less than an hour from home. i made up my mind last night that we need to plan more adventures like this. find out what is special about nearby cities and go there. i cannot wait to see what we find when we seek a change of scenery!

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