Monday, June 17, 2013


 i did my best yesterday to stay offline all day.  no facebook, no instagram, no twitter, i even stayed off candy crush (gasp!).  i’m embarrassed to admit it was tough.  but i need to stay offline more often. 

back in february, i swore off social media.  i managed to avoid it completely for about 4 weeks.  those were four great weeks.  i was more productive.  less stressed.  but as much as i appreciated that time offline, i felt i was a little too isolated.  so in march, i rejoined the social media world.  it wasn't too difficult to go back to my old habits.  and although i didn’t want to admit it, I could see how easily i was becoming attached to my iphone and macbook.  but i didn’t want to let go.  this really has affected me negatively.  so, rather than take an all or nothing approach, i’ve decided to start slowly and declare sundays and wednesdays as “internet-free days”.  no blog reading.  no facebook.  no candy crush.  no searching for answers to the world’s problems on google.  nothing.  for two days a week.  maybe i’ll move this up to three or four days at some point.  but I think this is a good starting point. 

i often wonder why I am stressed.  why I feel so behind.  why I’m feeling drained.  i bet at least some of the reason is the amount of time i spend in front of a screen.  i work all day in front of a computer.  i am drained by 4:00.  yet i come home and get online again.  that makes no sense.  yet i do it day after day.  well, it’s time to fight my internet addiction.  i have a feeling it’s going to result in a lot of positive changes!

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