Saturday, June 8, 2013

everyone has to start somewhere

so here i am, starting this blog, standing in the sunshine, a happy blog.

the idea for this came to me when i was driving home from work the other day.  i was remembering my "job" as a sunshine girl in my sorority.  this was a position i shared with one other girl and we were responsible for encouraging our sorority sisters.  when i was in college, i was in a sorority.  for two years in the sorority i had the honor of being a "sunshine girl".  we made signs to hang on dorm room doors, bought encouraging cards, and lead chants at meetings and other events.  as corny as that sounds, it was a lot of fun.

along with that, i recalled a gift my "big sister" gave me when i first joined the sorority.  it was a "happy book".  this was before the gratitude journal trend had begun, but my big suggested i use this book to list happy thoughts.  in that first book, i listed over 1600 happy thoughts in two years and went on to fill a second journal, too.

in college,  i spent so much time seeking happy things.

sadly, these days, i'm bogged down by the realities of adulthood.  a job, busy husband, two kids, and a big house keep me busy and stressed.  a few weeks ago i realized that my thoughts tend toward the negative most of the time.  this has to stop so i decided a happy blog where i focus on positive things would be a good place to start.  i'm not really sure how this will all work out, but i'm excited to get started on this blogging adventure!

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