Thursday, June 13, 2013

white space

last night big sis was supposed to have a dance event, but it was cancelled due to incoming storms.  we ended up with a big white space on our calendar and boy was it heavenly!  i love white spaces.  i think the main reason i invested a million dollars into a pottery barn white board calendar was so i could see the giant white spaces on the calendar each week.

of course, as the girls get older, i fear the white spaces will get fewer, but i will try my hardest to prevent that.  white spaces bring me joy.  they bring relief, laughter, relaxation and happiness.  last night's white space resulted in lingering over dinner having a great conversation about i forget what.  and then, me and the girls cuddled up on a corner of the couch watching so you think you can dance.  as a mom of two dancing princesses, this was heaven!

as we went to bed last night, i could tell the white space was used wisely and i cannot wait for the next day in our week that involves no plans!

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