Friday, July 5, 2013

faves on friday

today's a tired day.  three late nights in a row.  three early mornings.  busy, filled days.  a few more hours until the weekend, thank goodness.  and a cut and color, which is about two months overdue.  i have been mostly happy this week, but have had some down moments.  so glad vacation is coming up soon.  i need to get away from it all and come back to a fresh start.


what i've found this week online that i love:

july 4th - i recently discovered the life with greyson + parker blog.  i think i need to read all of chrissy's posts.  although we have different struggles, i find her to be very inspiring and motivating.  today she talks about facing reality, in a good way.

july #bodyLOVE summer challenge - another new blog for me and another positive message.  this time about body image.  something i struggle with greatly. 

be like the sun - simple mom's monday inspirational pieces are the best!

that's all for now.  it was a busy week with little time surfing the net.  that's a good thing since it meant more time for family and fun.  happy friday everyone!

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