Wednesday, July 10, 2013


it's hard to believe, but our summer is halfway over.  i've already received backpack catalogs from pottery barn kids and noticed that the school supply section is ready to go at target.  how did this happen?!?!?

i'm officially on a mission to make the most of the next 6 weeks before school starts. it sure helps that we'll start off with a trip to the ocean. following that we plan to see the lion king musical, visit the american girl store, and spend lots of time in the pool.  unfortunately big sis came down with swimmer's ear so the past week and a half has been "pool-free" except for lil' sis's swim lessons.

before swimmer's ear

my goal for the kids is to do a minimum of one "special" thing a week.  to get the most out of our swim passes, i'd like to see us go to the pool at least 7 more times before school starts.  and the rest of the time?  we'll just chill at home, summer style with no worries about homework or crazy busy schedules.

personally, i'd like to read a lot more.  and relax a lot more.  but i should also try to get some projects done around the house before the school year madness begins.

6 weeks.  42 days.  i am going to make the most of each and everyone.  beginning with pedicures tonight!

how about you?  how are you making the most out of the second half of summer?

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