Saturday, July 6, 2013

double day

today was double day for me.  thankfully it's a saturday so i had time to do the workouts back to back.

the plan says to do lower focus and cardio.  i did lower focus and core speed (the bonus workout i received).  i already did cardio once this week and i like to mix it up to not get bored.  again, i had to modify parts of both workouts.  but even during the modified parts i felt i was getting a great workout.

after the first week, i'd say my favorite workout would be either the cardio or the core speed.  the ab intervals will be my biggest challenge and i'll be thrilled when i feel i've mastered it.  i'm already anxious to see how the beta workouts will be.

today is also stat saturday.  i took my initial measurements on  monday and measured again today.  the good news: i lost half a pound, an inch in my chest and a quarter inch in my thighs.  the bad news: i gained an inch in my waist.  which is my trouble area.  what's up with that?!?!?!  i'm guessing i'm retaining water.  i have not been drinking much water so i will be sure to up my water intake this week.

i'm not gonna lie.  when i saw my waist got bigger i wanted to give up.  it's so frustrating to see that.  but it has only been a week.  this is a ten week program.  i'll be taking a week off for vacation.  while i'll be running that week, i'm not sure i'll be eating very well. i will try my best to balance enjoying myself and not overindulging.  but when i get back, i'll have 8 more weeks of the program. i'm going to stick to the plan and not give up so that in mid-september i can see some sort of results.  even if it's only a tiny change. that's better than nothing.

in the meantime, i'm going to enjoy my weekend!

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