Tuesday, July 2, 2013

my second day of focus t25

today i did the speed 1.0 workout. i have to admit i was a little disappointed in it at first.  the first 15 minutes you alternate stretching with speed work and it's a little slow going, you heart rate doesn't stay up for long and it seemed pretty easy.

but then i got my butt kicked in the last 10 minutes!

this is super sweaty me after speed 1.0!

so, although i didn't burn as many calories as yesterday, i did enjoy the challenge at the end.  and i can see what the workout is getting at.  you really do work your core in these exercises.  and i can tell my legs will be getting stronger.

a little less calories burned than yesterday, but that's ok!

i'm really excited to see what tomorrow's workout brings!

as for food, i did really good yesterday.  i was able to eat more than i expected.  i'm still nervous about keeping up with eating well.  but i know that's where success will be found.  my flabby tummy was created by a lousy diet.  i need to step it up and stop eating so much junk and i need to start keeping my calorie intake in line.  i'm not 18 anymore!

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