Thursday, July 4, 2013

killer abs

today i did the focus t25 ab interval workout.  it was really tough.  again, i think i like that because i couldn't do all of the exercises perfectly so i have something to work for.  at the same time, though, i was a little frustrated because i didn't feel i was getting as good of a workout as i could if i did everything right.  but whenever i felt frustrated i tried to picture myself 10 weeks from now having mastered the workout.  what fun would it be if i did it perfectly the first time around, right?

i often feel so frustrated because results don't come quick, especially now that I am getting closer to 40. i like this picture above because it reminds me to not give up.  as long as i'm taking care of myself and staying consistent i will get there.  it will take longer than i like, but that's ok because i'm making positive choices every day.  and even if i don't look perfect, my health gets better every day.

since today's workout had a low calorie burn, the holiday is going to be a challenge.  i'm determined to not overindulge.  i will focus on eating fruits and veggies and will avoid the chips and dip.  i will stick to one, maybe two, glasses of wine, and i will drink lots of water.  i will not allow the holiday to distract me from my goals.

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