Wednesday, July 3, 2013

total body circuit

i stayed out late last night and was then woken up by big sis at 3 am and still did my focus t25 workout this morning.  it was a little tough, probably because i was exhausted before i even started, but i still did it!

one thing i like about focus t25 so far is that i cannot do all of the moves perfectly.  so i know i have something to work up to.  today there was a lot of plank work and push ups.  that's hard for me.  i know i will be super sore tomorrow.

food wise last night i went out and had two glasses of wine and some wings.  why i do that, i don't know.  i ate well all day so i don't feel completely horrible about it, but i still know that was really unhealthy.  this is where i struggle.  i was meeting up with friends.  and i wanted to enjoy myself.  i love wine and i love wings.  so how can i resist?  i guess the reality is that i need to work on the 80/20 rule where you eat healthy 80% of the time.  there has to be room in there for indulgences.  i hope last night fits into that 20%!

tomorrow will be another challenge with 4th of july celebrations.  thankfully the menu has lots of healthy options on it.  and i am pretty sure i'm going to do the double workout of the week tomorrow to help burn extra calories on the day i'll probably be eating more.  wish me luck!

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