Tuesday, August 13, 2013

i love it!

i started focus t25 beta phase yesterday.  so far i've done the core cardio and speed 2.0 workouts. i love them.  and the best part is that they aren't as hard as i thought they'd be.  they are fun and go by fast.  and i feel great at the end.  like a million bucks!

now i am a little sore in the arms and shoulders from the core cardio workout that i did yesterday.  there are some plank moves and burpees which challenged me.  my upper body's not the strongest.  i really hope to see a big difference in my strength by the end of these 5 weeks considering all of the planks and burpees.

i'm so glad i bought focus t25.  i think i'll be ordering the gamma add on next.  i guess it's more of a strength based workout.  that will be a nice switch.  overall, i'm just loving getting a good workout in every morning without it taking up too much time.  25 minutes is just right for me right now.  it's a reasonable amount of time that doesn't scare me away from getting up and exercising every morning.  and for now, that's most important to me.

i think i have to see some noticeable changes in my body and fitness level if i stick to this along with not going over my calories in myfitnesspal.  it has to work, right?  i sure hope so!  it may take a while, even a long while, but i'm sure results are on their way!

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