Friday, August 9, 2013

faves on friday

i'm so glad it's friday!  this week has been a long one and we have a lot of fun planned for this weekend.  i can't wait to get home and get the party started!

i'm trying to spend less time online, but i still have some faves this week.

blog posts:

i'd rather be a little fluffy, thanks - this post explains how i feel about fitness so well.  i want to be fit.  i want to take care of myself.  but i don't want to be obsessed.  or miserable.  or no fun because i am so focused on counting calories and working out.  a must read!

breathe - this post came at the perfect time, thanks simple mom! this was a busy week at work and boy did i need the reminder to just calm down and breathe.


free range kids - what a great mission!  reminding us that our kids need freedom to be kids.  i plan to come back to this site again and again.


The Lost Husband - a great read that i could really relate to.  while it is a love story, it really approaches the topic of being a mom in a great way.

Fat Land - i'm still not done with this one.  slow read, but an important one.  reminding me of the little bad habits that can have a horrible affect on our health.


as i work my way through focus t25, i have to remind myself of this every. single. day.  and i definitely can say that i am making progress.  but deep down, i'm still wishing for perfection.  hopefully the more i say this, the more at peace i will be with where i am now, knowing that i am making progress every day.

happy friday all!  i'll be back tomorrow, i hope, with an update on my focus t25 progress!

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