Friday, August 2, 2013

double day

we have a busy weekend ahead of us so i went ahead and did a focus t25 double day.  normally i just add a sixth day to get in all six workouts, but i figured i'd see what it was like to do two workouts back to back.

it was tough.

but i loved it.  maybe, just maybe, i'll try insanity soon.  i woke up ten minutes earlier but had no problem getting in the 50 minute workout.  i had to be more focused this morning and had less time to dilly dally, but it got it done!

today's double was speed 1.0 and abs.  i love the speed 1.0 workout because it isn't as intense as some of the other workouts.  you get to stretch between a lot of the cardio exercises.  i am terrible at stretching and have noticed some tightness in my hip flexors and hamstrings, so this workout felt really good today.

the ab workout kills me.  i cannot do v-sits very well.  i don't know if it because my legs are tight or just because my abs are weak.  needless to say, there were many modifications during the ab workout.  i honestly don't know if i'm getting stronger...

week four of focus t25 is now done.  one more week of the alpha phase and then its off to beta!  i'm really excited because there's at least one workout in beta that includes weights.  i miss my weights! so much so that i'm dying to get gamma as i think all of those workouts are strength based and require free weights.  but that time will come soon.

for now, i still have to finish the alpha phase!

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